Bass Modulators at   Q-Base    Photo Credits:   Q-Dance  , Bass Modulators

Bass Modulators at Q-Base

Photo Credits: Q-Dance, Bass Modulators

This is Matt Lynch and Dylan Ordonez from Electric Vibes press. We are live from a saturated land in Chattahoochee Hills, GA . With bass pulsating positive energy back in the atmosphere, we are now coming at you straight from the happiest place on earth TomorrowWorld 2015! Today, we are with the Dutch duo Rick and Roland from Bass Modulatorsbeginning part two of our interview series. 

Matt: We last spoke with you at Mysteryland USA 2015 and we would like to know what’s been new with you guys? Has there been anything exciting that’s come up since we last spoke to you in May?

Bass Modulators: Well, since May we’ve had our collaboration with Noisecontrollers called "Solar", we premiered it at this year’s Defqon.1 and it had a really great response. Together with Noisecontrollers we’ve decided to form NCBM, so within the next month or so we’re heading to the studio to experiment with some new sounds for the project. Besides that we have our solo projects of course which you can expect plenty more to come from us this year.

Another achievement of ours that’s come up for us is being announced for this year’s Qlimax, one of the biggest indoor shows ever, other than that NCBM has really been the biggest thing for us and we’ll be focusing on that for the next few months and going on into the next year. Working together with Noisecontrollers has really pushed us to go beyond our boundaries and try new things. After "Solar" we wanted to try and switch things up a bit and do something a little different that you don’t normally hear in Hardstyle. We’ve been trying all sorts of techniques to expand on this sound which we hope to continue to lead into other instruments, similar to the Saxophone so we’ll see what happens.

Matt: That’s awesome, I know a lot of duo’s do things differently in terms of production one person specializing in one thing and the other in another. What’s the case for Bass Modulators or is it a combined effort?

Bass Modulators: It’s definitely combined but when in the studio we both have our specialties. Roland he’s more about the arrangement’s, concept’s & ideas of things pretty much just making sure everything flows well and as for myself, I’m more of the sound designer and the making of melodies. It’s like the perfect combination in the studio, like I said we have our specialties and it works very well for us. We always do our best to work on our concept to make sure everything sounds original and it sounds like ourselves. Definitely together we always look at every aspect whether being a DJ or an act.

Matt: I think that makes you a double threat that you guys are in it together collectively. Definitely a lot of credit on that. One big question that I had for guys, is how do you feel the Hard Dance scene is progressing here in America? Do you feel it has hit a plateau or do you think it has more to grow?

Bass Modulators: I think a music genre always has room to grow, it always has the potential of being something greater. One thing that was really cool to see was while we were at Mysteryland USA, a lot of people were there for the main stage but they saw the Q-dance stage wanting to check out the music and everyone was going wild and enjoying the music. The scene is there the people are dedicated and into the music so that can only spread and eventually grow.

Matt: That’s the hope for all us Hard Dance fans. Another question I had regarding American Hard Dance are about the American artists. How do you feel about American Hard Dance artists growing as a whole and finally getting recognized?

Bass Modulators: The thing is artists like us who are coming from Holland don’t really see much that is happening over here, we only see what’s happening when we come out here. What we can say though is the American talent does have a lot of potential and what I would recommend is for them to try and get more involved in the Dutch scene so both our worlds can connect. We can tell the US artists are always looking into growing. There’s so much passion we can see it, but I think what’s an issue these days is the copying of different artists sounds. It shouldn’t be like that, to make the US scene grow you have to make something new, your own style. It’s pretty hard to do here but there’s definitely a lot of room to expand.

"Our Dreams (Dream Village 2015 O.S.T.) (Radio Edit)" by Bass Modulators

Video Credit: YouTube, Bass ModulatorsDream Village

Matt: What’s life like in Holland compared to the US. Do fans ever notice you out in public and do they greet you?

Bass Modulators: In Holland people are really sober, maybe they’ll recognize you but they won’t come up to you and ask for a picture. At festivals they do but not as much as here. Here, you make music and people like it. Everyone’s so friendly and wants to talk with you, it’s not much like that in Holland. Over here you also have fans who bring you gifts bracelets, drawings & posters. It’s not like that at all in Holland. Even the party scene is different out there here you have people dancing right from the start to the end, in Holland it’s something that progresses and you don’t start dancing till like maybe 3 or 4 hours in it really. It is a different way of partying. I can only describe Holland as a place with huge awesome parties. But here everything just seems to be more pure, everyone has more ambition for the music. So yeah it’s definitely a big difference.

Matt: Finishing up here, what do you guys expect during your performance tonight, with the current conditions of today’s weather? Do you think the weather has a factor in a shows vibe or do you think it’s all in the music?

Bass Modulators: Yes it always plays a factor, we played Decibel a festival in Holland the weather is usually great but during our performance it was raining and it was unreal how much it was coming down. We played main stage and because of the rainfall we didn’t have half the crowd we expected. People just don’t have a good time in the rain and aren’t happy, it’s just not a good situation. So yes, it’s a really big factor. As for today though I feel because there aren’t many parties around here compared to Holland people will stick around and go crazy. The good thing is the stage is right by main stage so I think people may pass by and want to check out what this music is all about, if they haven’t heard it. Hopefully that brings more fans.

Matt: Everyone will surely receive a surge of positive energy and sound, with the Q-Dance stage on the way to main stage. Hopefully that pays off in everybody’s favor. You guys are playing shortly, I know many Hard Dance fans are looking forward to seeing you bring the house down! Best of luck to both of you, and thanks again for your intuitive insights.

Catching up with Bass Modulators has never felt so refreshing. Leaders and two of the brightest creators in the scene, with such an amazing future ahead of them. We look forward to what they have in store for the coming year of 2016.

After the interview, we all hopped in a van to take us to the Q-Dance stage for their performance. Halfway there, our van unbelievably sunk into the mud, with minutes until their set time. The driver of the van mustered up all of his skill to lead us out of the mud safely, pulling back stage just in time. Neither rain or mud stood in our way as we captured their expert opinions, and Bass Modulator's captivated the crowd with a heart-pounding performance.

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