Matt Lynch here from Electric Vibes, recalling an exclusive interview at Electric Adventure (Music Festival) in Atlantic City, NJ. The festival was held this past summer (2015), bringing thousands of fans to one of the east coast's famous hot spots Atlantic City, NJ. The festival included multiple stages across the beach, featuring some of the most popular acts in Dance Music, and an overall positive energy blooming throughout the atmosphere.

Almost two years ago, I had the pleasure working on an event with the legendary Hard Dance artist, Tuneboy. The event was his first NYC appearance and also featured another innovative legend, The Prophet. The event proved to be quite a success for such an underground sound, at the time and place. 

Recently, the Hard Dance sound and Tuneboy’s music has caught on like a wildfire in America. Many have expressed their excitement to see Tuneboy on more American line-ups, such as Electric Adventure. Tuneboy (Antonio Donà) has thoughtfully agreed to do an “on the spot” interview. Let’s get to it!

1.      The word “Retirement” (metaphorically speaking), do you see it as an old distant ship barely visible from a light house, or an invading enemy ship you either sink with your battleship or be sunk?

Tuneboy: Retirement…Maybe in the future, yes, but since I have the energy and the feelings to produce this kind of music, I want to go on. I mean I’m not young anymore, I’m forty years old. I’ve been in the scene for 15 years, made a lot of music, and I think I still have something to do and to give to this music. As long as people love my music I will do it. The day I am not connected anymore with the people, maybe I’ll stop it or maybe I’ll change music. Maybe I’ll “Ghost Produce” a lot of DJs need ghost producers, so maybe I’ll do that in the future, I don’t know for sure.

Matt: Well, you have accomplished many achievements and definitely provided us with years of amazing music. I believe many people would be understanding to the fact that one day, you may decide to travel a different path. As far as losing a connection with the people, I find it difficult to see. This world is unpredictable, but one thing is for certain. Legends never die and your music will remain eternal, forever connecting you to the people.. . 

2.      Have you ever considered producing a Hardcore track?

Tuneboy: Well not nowadays but when I was young, almost 20 years ago, I grew up with Hardcore. My main music was Hardcore but I wasn’t able to produce it because it was a bit complicated for my technical skills. I have always wanted to make a Hardcore track and still love Hardcore nowadays, but I’m too focused in Hardstyle. Maybe it would be nice to have some collaboration with some Hardcore artist, that would be very good for me.

3.      Besides Italy and The Netherlands, what other countries do you love performing in and why?

Tuneboy: I would say the U.S, not because I’m here, basically all the countries that have English as a first language. I don’t know why, but people are very energetic, they are always smiling, happy, and all the people I’ve met during my gigs, always beautiful people with a smile on their face. They are always involving me in doing things, you know. I also have to say the U.S Hardstyle scene is growing up. I have had the chance to play quite often here and I’m glad for it. It’s very nice people are very happy to listen to Hardstyle.

4.      What advise could you give “up and coming” Hard Dance producers?

Tuneboy: Hmm, not easy to say. If you’re a young producer and you want to be one that stands out from  the masses, you should try to do something different but functional. Something that works on the dance floor and different from most standard Hardstyle. This way the big DJs can be surprised by your music and say,” Hey! What is this music? It’s good, I like it! It’s different from something that I may have ever heard before.” So they would support you for sure. If you’re not so good at producing Hardstyle because sound design is very complicated and it takes a lot of time, just to have some experience, maybe try to copy already existing tracks. Only to practice your technical skills. This should be a good point for the first track, maybe copy the existing track and then when you have it, create something new by adding your own ideas with the technical skills you picked up trying to imitate other producers.

5.      What is your honest opinion on Rawstyle?

Tuneboy: To me, it’s a different type of music. It was born as an extreme part of Hardstyle but nowadays it has its own real identity. I respect Rawstyle producers, I don’t play Rawstyle because it’s not within my courts. I do my things they do their things.

Matt: Do you think it’s creating some sort of division between Euphoric and Raw, within the Hardstyle community? 

Tuneboy: You know fans, especially within the Hardstyle and Rawstyle scene, are real dedicated. The fans of maybe Euphoric Hardstyle want to listen to that kind of music and not want to hear Rawstyle. Rawstyle fans don’t want to listen to commercial or Euphoric Hardstyle.

Matt: I have heard some call Euphoric “Cheesy” the music sounds cheesy to them.

Tuneboy: It’s Cheesy to them because it’s not hard as F*ck. (Laughs all around) But it has its own identity.

Matt: A great way of putting it and everyone is entitled to have that opinion.

Tuneboy: Exactly! Some tracks are Melodic and some tracks are darker, but in the end it’s all about music. I receive a lot of Rawstyle promos. I like to listen to them and hear what other producers are doing. Honestly, it’s not what I’m trying to do it’s just not what I feel when I produce music.

6.      The 100% pure Italian creation featuring TNT (AKA Technoboy and Tuneboy) & Zatox, Intensity is more than a hit to the ears of many. It also symbolizes an unspoken bond between legendary Italian artists, all with separate identities. Will we hear more from you three in the near future?

Tuneboy: Yeah possibly, we have a good relation with Zatox and we talk very often but everyone is always busy on their own path. Making other tracks, solo tracks, and collaborations with other artists, but in the future it could happen. So sure, why not.

Video Credit: February 28th 2015, Bass Events | 10th edition of Reverze in the Sportspalace, Antwerp (BE).

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7.      Your track Out of Space reached number one on How does it feel being back to the top spot?

Tuneboy: It is very nice. The track is not so much a Melodic or Rawstyle production, it’s sort of an in-between track. I’m really glad people love it, support it, and are buying the track.

Matt: It’s a great dance and party track. Uplifting enough to get people in an enjoyable mood and hard enough to keep the people jumping.

Tuneboy: This is the way I consider myself, I am a Hard Dance producer. I like to produce tracks that work on the dance floor. When I produce a track I always have the dance floor in front of me, even if I’m in the studio. The most important thing to me is that people are dancing and like it. This is what works and this is what I want to produce.

8.      I have to ask, does the phrase "Where did I go Wrong" ring any bells?!

Tuneboy: Are you referring to the famous track from Blutonium Boy? He has been a great producer, a great pioneer in the early Hardstyle scene, and then he stopped for some years. Coming back it’s not easy, especially because in those years he didn’t produce Hardstyle had evolved greatly. I think it was not easy for him to be on the same page. He produced that Melodic track, and people reacted in a real negative way.

Matt: Yes, but I think your version may have went viral (laughs)! The track “Where did I go I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. If it was a serious track or not, but like you said, it’s very difficult to make a come-back after such an important time gap. Back in the early 2000's, I was really into Hard Trance and had an album that featured Hardstyle Nation, by Blutonium Boy. It was basic Hardstyle but it was ground breaking for many. Years went by, Hardstyle was constantly evolving and becoming more technical. I heard Blutonium Boy’s new sound and was completely lost. It seemed he was trying to take his old sound and force it together with modern Hardstyle. Not much blending or pleasing aspects which many legendary artists, like yourself, have been able to consistently capture. Most of his newer music I cannot understand, but I find it very symbolic and have much respect for him as an early pioneer. 

9.      This next question comes straight from an inspiring Hard Dance artist and Die-Hard enthusiast, Isaiah LEVENKHAN: “My favorite track that inspires me in every aspect of life is Black Light. I've yet to hear it live, but what went through your mind when creating such a powerful melody?

Tuneboy: Most of the time I sit down at the keyboards and I start playing random music. I can be inspired by something I heard the day before on the radio or by other tracks. Basically, I keep playing until I start feeling something good, then I go to record it. That track was a little dark for me but mainly because of the period, I may have even been feeling not as happy and not feeling very “mainstream”. The feelings at the moment you’re producing are reflected through your music. If you’re happy you produce happy music, if you’re angry you might produce angry music (laughs). I’m not saying Rawstyle producers are angry guys (laughs), It’s very powerful music, many people like it which is great, but it’s just not music for me.

10.   Could you give us some insight on what we can expect next from you?

Tuneboy: Well a couple weeks ago, Technoboy and I just finished our 2nd collaboration with Brennan Heart. We are also finishing a new TNT track that should be done soon. I am just going to keep producing the music I like as I always have. First of all, I have to be satisfied myself when I make a track. When I make music I want to be the first person satisfied. Sometimes people don’t like it or sometimes they really do like it. No matter what, if I’m satisfied then I’m at peace with myself. I want to stay producing music that keeps the people dancing and music that also keeps me feeling good.

Matt: Spoken like a true legend! The many positive contributions to this entire community, like I said earlier, will live on forever. You have been here since the beginning, here with us now, and show no signs of throwing in the towel. You could say your popularity and following has recently been increasing for many reasons. Such as, the simple fact you’re here playing Electric Adventure in Atlantic City, NJ USA. Your latest track recently reached number one on, you speak of exciting new projects on the horizon, and you standby the continued success of your music production. I can only conclude that your career is still on the rise and we can expect many more enjoyable “tunes” from you in the future.

We thank you for your time and insights received. I know I’m pumped to hear your set and  the energy it will bring. Hopefully many pick up on the positive vibes, bursting through the speakers. This is Matt Lynch (Electric Vibes), saying goodbye Oceanfront from Electric Adventure with Hard Dance legend Tuneboy.

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