With our Friendship Camping option, you and your crew can guarantee that you will camp next to each other at the very best location on our Holy Ground camping!

The Friendship Camping registration opens February 3rd at 3PM (EST) via Mysteryland.us, but in the meantime get yourself informed on the process: 

All you need to do is select a group leader, have them buy their ticket, enter their group name and that’s it! The group leader will receive a password to share with the entire group. After your group leader creates your group, give us 24 hoursto roll out the red carpet and set up tickets for your clan. Once your group is ready, all members who want to join can click on the Join Group button, locate their group name and group leader, and book their spot amongst friends. There are a limited amount of these spots available, so get your group into gear!

How this process works:
• Each group must contain a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 people (10-15 people).
• Each group space will be on a 750 sq. foot plot of pristine Holy Ground land.
• Your group leader must create the group with their name and a group name.
• After purchasing a ticket, the group leader will receive an email with a group password.
• This leader will need to give the group name and password to all potential members.
• Each person will go to the Friendship Camping event page, find their group name with the associated group leader name present, enter the password provided by the group leader, and buy their add-on tickets.
• Only groups that hit a minimum of 10 people will qualify for Friendship Camping. If your group does not reach the minimum number of people by May 1st, your group will be cancelled and all group members, excluding the Group Leader, will be refunded, minus service fees. The Group Leader is responsible for the first group camping space ticket that is NON- REFUNDABLE.
• Your Group Leader will receive an e-ticket from Flavorus after May 1st. They MUST bring this e-ticket to the festival camping entrance to claim your group’s camping grid. 
• All other members will receive e-tickets after May 1st. They MUST bring this e-ticket and present it at the Friendship Camping entrance within the festival in order to receive access to the Friendship camping area.
• Friendship Camping Tickets are an ADDITIONAL ticket, everyone who purchases a Friendship Camping Ticket must also have a Nomad Weekend & Holy Ground or Bohemium Premium & Holy Ground ticket as well. Non camping ticket holders will not be allowed to enter the campgrounds.
• The amount of tickets you purchase must also match the amount of people camping in your grid.

Stay up to date by signing up for the Friendship Camping sale via this link