TomorrowWorld 2014 Survival Guide

TomorrowWorld 2014 is only a few months away. Have you gottenyour tickets yet?  If not, we highly recommend camping at Dreamville. As pioneers ourselves, Dreamville offers the greatest festival experience. For you first timers, below is asmallsurvivalguideforTomorrowWorld MusicFestival 2014. We want to make sure that you have all necessities, so you are not spending any extra money.

Tent - Do not get one any bigger than needed. If there are only two of you sleeping in the tent, any thing larger is a waste of space and a waste of energysetting it up.We encourage you to be considerate of the space around you as your tent neighbors will be a big part of your festival experience. We suggest getting a tent that can with stand low to high winds and is the highest rain resistant that you can find at an affordable price. It gets dewy outside overnight and your tents will collect condensation.

Sleeping bag – One that will keep you warm enough, but not make you sweat from sleeping in it. It gets quite chilly at night and the worst feeling is having to sleep in a cold environment after raging all day. So, either grab a snuggle buddy or make sure that you have a great sleeping bag. Sweat pants and sweatshirts are also advised.

Floormat - This will not only help keep you warm while lying on the ground, but it will give you some cushion as well. It doesn’t have to be super thick, but enough to keep you and your sleeping bag off the cold ground. If you want to live comfortably for the weekend, bring an air mattress. Don’t forget the pump though!

Small portable fan – Even though it gets chilly at Dreamville when the sun sets,it is sweltering when the sunrises. Having a small battery powered fan is pretty clutch, especially if you wish to continue sleeping.

Small cooler – Bringing your own food/snacks is a great investment. Buying food from the vendors is convenient, but gets pricey as the weekend goes on.

Food/snacks - Bring items that don’t spoil. Ice is hard to come by at the festival, but if you find a friend with a car you are able to leave the grounds to make store trips. Remember, it is important to eat and refuel your body so bring quick snack items, such as granola bars, bananas, trail mix, hard boiled eggs, etc.

Beverages - Stay hydrate throughout the weekend. Bring bottles of water, as well as your choice of alcoholic beverages. As long as there are no glass containers you are good to go.

Toiletries – Raging in the sun all day will leave you sweaty and stinky. You definitely do not want to give out hugs to people who smell of old gym socks. Freshen up when possible. A towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush and tooth paste are a must. Baby wipes, face wipes, baby powder, dry shampoo, Q-Tips and small tissue packsaresome other live saving items as well.

Flashlight – When it gets dark it is always great to see where you are going or what you are doing in your tent. Plus, you want to preserve your phone battery as much as possible.

Now that we have gone over a few things needed for the camping experience, let’s get into handy items to have on the festival grounds.

Camelback or canteen – This is great for hydration and easy to refill at the water stations before heading to your favorite stage to rage. Bottles of water are available for purchase at the festival, but it is best to bring them with you.  A camelback with pockets is a plus, as it can store your valuables.

Sunglasses – Protect your eyes whenever possible. If this year is anything compares to last year, you will be thankful to have them. No one wants to be squinting all weekend long.

Hat – This is optional. It isn’t a necessity, but it will keep the sun from beating on your head and help keep you a little cooler.

Cellphone/walkie talkie – Let’s be honest, no one goes any where without their cell phone nowadays and people feel lost when the battery dies. There are recharge stations, but who wants to miss a set to sit and charge their phone? Either bring a portable charger or purchase walkie talkies. Walkie talkies help save battery life on your phone and helps get you easily reconnected with your group quickly if you become separated.

Gum/candy/lip balm – Having something to chew or snack on will help keep your mouth from getting too dry. Lip balm for your lips is crucial.

Sunscreen – There is nothing wrong with getting a little tan, but long exposure to the sun is pretty harmful and will leave you with sun burn. Protect your skin with some sun screen.

From previous experience these are a few things that were helpful while camping in Dreamville at TomorrowWorld. For an extensive list of what to bring check out the TomorrowWorld website.

Just remember to protect yourself and have fun. See you in Dreamville.