It’s been over a week now and thanks to Nightmare Festival… I still can’t sleep. Steez Promo and B.A.D.A.S.S. presented electronic music fans from all over the east coast with a flawless event that left us all craving the next like zombies for blood.

With all the production value of a big festival and the crowd persona of a small local venue, attendees of Nightmare got the best of both worlds. The three stages individually boasted capacities of an oversized farmhouse barn where crowds could dance with more fervor than ever without fear of pummeling the person next to them.

The smoke filled rooms lit by streaming lasers and decorated in the theme of horror created an ambiance that rivaled the underworld itself. No film or photo could begin to capture the stark contrast felt between the good vibes and eerie atmosphere at this event.

Noteworthy Acts of the Evening

Artists from all over the spectrum of electronic music took to the decks and put on some fire performances throughout the chilly November night. Although most DJs came with innovative, power sets that fueled the crowds into a sweaty frenzy there were some that clearly surpassed the rest.

Tittsworth played a relatively early set (10pm) compared to some of the latest showtimes (4am) and read the crowd’s energy like a book. Notorious for spinning at any venue with the confidence as if he owned the place, his set was reminiscent of the underground unique style heard within the darkness of U Street Music Hall. Grooving to Tittsworth was the perfect way to warm up the energy of the evening without burning it out.

The lineup catered to every electronic music taste and there wasn’t a single person in attendance that didn’t leave with at least one set burned in their memory as a keepsake.

The Production and Extras

Nightmare Festival brought all the fire breathing thrills, spooky shrills and relaxing get away coves that they advertised. Between the dancers, the decorations and the proactive approach to handling attendees when they need a break from it all – I have to applaud Steez Promo and B.A.D.A.S.S. for their unfaltering effort.

Their attention to detail was thoroughly impressive as they left no wall without decor and no performer without ghoulish makeup. Food vendors encircled the stages offering everything from deep fried oreos to southern pulled pork BBQ and if you couldn’t manage the funds for pricey festival grub, you were permitted to bring your own food.  BYOF is not a common practice among most venues but it definitely came in handy when budget didn’t permit splurging on food and drinks.

Steez Promo and B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves joined forces to deliver on the promises of good vibes, good atmosphere and good showmanship so that Nightmare Festival could come to be one of their best joint ventures to date. For those who didn’t make it to this event, I can imagine you’re feeling the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) right about now.