No matter who you are or where you're from, you cherish the memories of your favorite music festival. Those sentiments of fun and joy get us through tough days and long weeks. For us, many of these memories are of TomorrrowWorld; a curious place where extraordinary installations. talented acrobats, fire breathing fish, and out-of-this-world stage production meld together to create an immersive party playground. Premier production company ID&T combines all that with a well organized camping experience, made to feel more like a community than a campsite. 


  • Sept 26-28, with camping load-in and out on Sept 25 & 29, respectively.
  • Located on the Bouckaert's Farm in the Chattahoochee Hills of GA, about 25 mi SW of Atlanta.
  • 7 stages; 5 outdoor and 2 tents. 
  • Tickets: Single day and full weekend passes were available for purchase, with various add-on options for camping, upgrades, and VIP. Friendship camping was available for groups of 10 who wished to camp together for $30/person, and included a Dreamville canopy to take home.

       Base prices for general admission (w/o fees):
           Single Day - $150            3-Day w/o Dreamville - $357          3-Day w/ Dreamville - $397

  • Lineup: Every major music genre and artist label was well represented during 36 hours of music across 7 stages. You'd be hard pressed to find yourself WITHOUT something to see or discover at any point in the festival.


Bike Cabs - While lines for access to parking and camping were short, the walk is notoriously long and arduous. Fortunately, we've been to Chattahoochee twice before (TW 2013 & CP 2012), so we came prepared with our roving red wagon convoy. However this year, those who weren't ready for the 'trail of tears' had the option to pay one of several friendly bike cabbies to help transport their luggage and equipment to will call or camping. 

Friendship Camping - This attempt was the complete opposite of the horrific experience we had at Mysteryland where we were given nothing but a hand painted sign for our $80/person spot. TomorrowWorld delivered on our promised Dreamville shelter, and despite our custom "Fuck Real Life" sign being jacked before we even arrived, we could not have been happier with the set-up. For the $30/person ticket, we enjoyed a fenced off lot right at the venue and Dreamville entrance with plenty of space for 10 people to set up and camp together. Picket fences walled off 3 sides of our plot, and security was posted at the only entrance checking wristbands 24 hours a day to make sure that our campsites were safe. 

Easy Tents & Dream Lodges - Although we've never enjoyed this luxury, just the convenience of having a pre-made camp site apart from all other camping and opposite the festival entrance sounds like bliss. We were happy to hear that the Easy tent options had been expanded this year to include various sizes of 'Dream Lodges' that were a VIP upgrade to Easy tents, featuring spacious luxury cabins as well as staff to ensure your comfort. Both enjoyed private bathroom facilities and were located at the West Entrance with direct access to the venue. 

Zip Car Member Perks - Anyone who opened a new Zip Car Account or had an existing one had access to a preferred parking lot at the West Entrance, and a 2 story lounge/viewing area next to the Mythical Frames Stage that included a free zip line over the water, refreshments and hammocks. 

T-Mobile Pool Party - Attendees with T-mobile cell service were given free access to a VIP pool & lounge area that overlooked the Main Stage. We don't have T-mobile, but it looked like prime party real estate.

Info Booths - Not hard to find, each camping district had one conveniently located right off the boardwalk and was kept staffed all hours from festival start to finish. Schedule maps, newspapers, and fresh bread were available each morning while music played from speakers until the stages started. A large HQ inside the venue featured a 360º help desk for anyone looking for directions, brochures, or lineup information. 

Daily Newspaper - It may have had some rushed writing, including a cover article on Krewella titled "Pegboard Nerds" (Note: Krewella was not on the lineup), but they captured some incredible highlights and also had an updated schedule for those looking to make early acts on time. It was nice to see we made the centerfold in Saturday's edition; look for the red FRL flag at Party Favor's set!

Mythical Frames Stage - Aside from the incredible main stage, this unique and visually mesmerizing stage kept us coming back all weekend. Located at the bottom of a gentle sloping hill overlooking the river separating Dreamville from the venue, this stage had great sound, plenty of places to sit, and some of the best acts of the weekend. 


OVERSOLD! - There were roughly 100,000 more attendees this year than last year, and Dreamville was sold out. Confusion about ticket options and tight quarters meant that there were more campers than space this year. This resulted in those who showed up later on being forced to set up camp in the annex between security and the Dreamville entrance, opposite the venue entrance. Many of these people reported things being stolen and vandalized as thousands of people walked past and through their campsites to get into the venue every day. In addition, most patrons whose tickets were at will call weren't even honored with the traditional keepsake wristband because they ran out.

Get Your Shit Together! - Along with being oversold comes being unprepared to handle the additional amounts of human waste. If you are going to oversell a festival, AT THE VERY LEAST, please provide a few more plastic toilets for the people spending all their money with you. Having spent long periods of time in line waiting for toilets that were completely destroyed and out of supplies, we weren't the least bit surprised to see that picture of a girl literally shitting on the ground right out in the open. While a few 'Fresh Point' stations in the venue gave the option to use staffed and cleaned toilets, they were only inside the venue, and lines for those were INSANE by sunset.

Eskimo Showers - No joke; the only thing worse than standing in line forever was the game of roulette for hot water at the very end. In addition, the overcrowded showers had to be closed frequently for cleaning, resulting in surprises for those who arrived expecting to be able to shower during posted open hours. Because we enjoyed hot water all weekend long last year without waiting in absurd lines, we're convinced these issues were another a result of the oversold camping. 

Fuck You Dust! - We've been sneezing and hacking up dirt for weeks. We'd love to see a little more mulch and water trucks during the dry days, it goes a long way! Next year bring all your bandannas next year, you'll make lots of friends.


Despite our fair and reasonable complaints, we couldn't have asked for a better time this year. We want to thank all those who made the experience outstanding. Only because we know there's a lot of room for improvement in terms of crowd handling at a sold out festival, we're giving this festival


We also want to add a special thank you to all the cool people we met and took pictures with. If you happen to be one of these people, please post up your flag photos on our social media, and be sure to tag us. We can't wait to see you again next year in the world of tomorrow.