Desert Hearts Records welcomes new music to the family with Wyatt Marshall making his debut with a sublime three-track EP called Da House. The EP is out now, and has gotten massive approvals by fans and artists. 

Da House is groove-heavy, focusing on intricate drum patterns and using minimal, but effective instrumentation throughout. Its opener lays on the acid heavy as well, with the UK rising star Jacky providing a speedier, peak time remix. The first track, Da House starts and ends with a groovy bassline followed by the sensual Da House lyrics backing it up. Second track, Reflection is trippy, with a powerful bassline including a monumental drop perfectly aligned with the chords a true-powerhouse banger. The Get Back track is sexy and smooth with a hint of deep-house vibes to hit, when the drop hits you there’s no holding back from putting it on constant repeat. 

Wyatt Marshall’s cut his teeth as a key component of the DIRTYBIRD team, serving as the label’s Studio Manager and handling its Birdfeed podcasts, producing for the label, and regularly appearing as a guest selector at label parties like Campout and BBQ. 

He’s proven himself as a formidable producer beyond his employer, however, being picked up by Gruuv for a notable collaboration with German icon Chambray and also signing onto rising California imprint Percomaniacs

House, Techno, Love… We Are All Desert Hearts