Combining the best of alternative, melodic, and dance music into one chill and vibrant release, The Regency's latest single "Love Lately" is nothing short of visionary. Raw, grungy vocals pair with old school dance beats for a track that is as infectious as it is emotive. Acoustic guitar pairs with poignant vocals amidst subtle electronic undertones, playfully reimagining the traditional EDM sound as the track progresses.  

The Regency is a production collective headed by legendary indie producer Mike Baker with a growing list of artists focused on collisions of dance, alternative music, and anything melodic and committed to creating unique and immediately memorable music.

"The Magic of music is that you don't have to tell the story as it actually happens", according to Mike, "It can be coated, so that it means something to you, but that meaning can be different to the listener. There's this power in it". - Mike Baker