Awesome Soundwave's 1st release included Christopher Coe's Headland track with remixes by Reinier ZonneveldFabio NeuralRobin Kampschoer and Sly Faux. [Stream Headland EP]

The producer behind Australia's most respected underground club, 'Centriphugal' got inspiration by the landscapes around his home in Co. Mayo, Ireland; the mountains, the mist and the drama of it. He then translated his vision into deep majestic, dark and dubby techno back home during the summer of 2016.

MNTNS of SLNC comprises of 8 tracks blending into deep, resonant and rumbling techno, drawing upon the interest he has in alternative tunnings such as the resonant frequencies of the 432khz tuning standard. It also features live recordings of the Schumann's Resonances and traditional Irish instruments recorded in traditional setting.

As a producer, Christopher has been releasing records since 1999 through the UK's well respected underground Techno label Pro-Jex as well as Bush Records and Carl Cox's Intec Digital.

His latest albums Siege Mentality (2005) and Keep Calm and Carry On (2009) were mixed by Mad Professor and garnered worldwide respect, leading him to work with Carl Cox, who years later signed his latest release for Intec Digital, a collaboration with Reiner Zonneveld and Axan called Solid Block, developing a friendship between Cox and Coe growing alongside their artist careers.

MNTNS of SLNCE is the result of a year of climbing, solitude, exploration and raw, windswept nature. Maumtrasna, named after one of the southern peaks of County Mayo, draws the listener in with its reverberating clanks over pulsating shimmers which envelop the surroundings in a nebulous shroud. The transient waveforms sink into grounded rhythms with the introduction of a plaintive piano melody. Continuing in this more rhythmic vein is They Walk, The Mountains, driven by a swaggering march in triplets, giving way once again to an ethereal piano line.

Next up is a vocal track, Let It Go, which lends a human voice to the bewitching atmosphere of the landscape. Darkly sultry, the track is a perfect transition into the somber reverence of Mountain Burial. The high vibrato melody line of the previous song leads into the rhythmic minimalism of Headland, breaking into airy transmutations before reverting to the original percussive rapidity. Mountain Of Grooves is reminiscent of the second half of Maumtrasna with its dance beat and echoing bell-like overtones. The beat recedes into the fog of gently modulating ambiance before returning to its original fervor. Cliff Face begins with the deferential resonance of a church choir overtaken by a bubbly spiraling synth to crescendo into a pounding dance track. Finally, Ancient Prayers completes the album, cycling through the chill, understated synths, the tight beats, and the world-building ambience featured in the rest of the tracks.

Label:   Awesome Soundwave    Artist:    Christopher Coe    Title:   MNTNS of SLNC  EP  Release Date:  May 4th, 2018   Christopher Coe :  Facebook  |  Soundcloud   Awesome Soundwave :  Facebook  |  Soundcloud

Label:Awesome Soundwave
Artist: Christopher Coe
Release Date: May 4th, 2018

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