For Leon, the beginning of the year has been very busy. In addition to touring in the US, Mexico, Italy and UK, his solo EP, Damako, was launched on Deeperfect and his Nights Groove remix has come out on Roush Label

This February, Leon delivered Don't Stop, a great EP in collaboration with Hector Coto, which was released on his own label DFLOOR. In addition, a remix of David Aurel's No Way Out, on Hive Audio, also came out. Simultaneously, Leon is preparing for the DayDream festival in Barcelona, as well as dates in Birmingham, Zürich, Verbania and Rome, among many others.

Don't Stop EP on DFLOOR 

Leon teamed up with Hector Couto for "Don't Stop EP", the 31st delivery from his own D-FLOORlabel, which was released this February 9th. 

In Don't Stop Original Mix - featuring Tea Time -, Leon and Hector Couto come together to make a massive house and groovy track in which the vocals of the Chilean hip-hop artist - with whom Leon has worked previously - provide an astute and urban spectrum. In Together (Original Mix), Leon and Hector get into a deeper house essence, creating a sensual, hypnotic and daring cut. 

Matt Tolfrey's and Siopis' two versions of Don't Stop turn around the seminal track, conforming two unique works. While Siopis gives a perspective of mystery and depth to the original, Matt Tolfrey plays mischievously with the primary basslines and effects to create a more active piece. 

When Leon and Hector come together in the studio, anything can happen. Both artists possess a special and sensitive nose, their productions intelligent and executed with great skill.