New Jersey-native DJ and producer, Chris Varvaro, who also goes by the alias Pursound, has unveiled his club-ready remix of Aaron Marz’s “Lost” featuring the country-style guided vocals of former MTV’s reality show “Real World: Denver,” and vocalist, Davis Mallory. The original version of “Lost” has already gained great success and this remix is no different! "LOST" was originally produced by Peruvian DJ Aaron Marz and written by Tara Hayes and Davis Mallory. Aaron opened for Armin Van Buuren in Peru at DJ Mag Festival Latin America in 2017 and his first release "Dancing in the Sky" was part of a compilation called Academy of Electronic Music by Armada & DJ Mag.

The message behind the song is that when you feel like you’re lost in life trust in fact that you’re not and that God has plans for you, but that ultimately you are in control of your actions everyday so make good ones to move positively in your life.
— Davis Mallory
I really love the way we approached the track cause the message is so strong. When I was making the music I was really going through a hard time in my life and the melody expresses the way I felt, when Davis sent me the idea of the vocals, the lyrics really impacted me and now I love it even more.
— Aaron Marz
I first heard this track the day it came out and I immediately was in love with the vocal and the Avicii style production. Interestingly I also was hearing my own version of it in my head as I was listening to the original and decided I had to remix it. Thankfully Davis and Aaron were both open to the idea of me doing the remix and I finished it in about three days. I’ve really been in love with older Progressive House tracks and I want to bring that style back. It’s one of those genres that has so many awesome artists and one that I always have fun producing. I really can relate to the message of the track right now as I am going through a rough patch myself and it is a nice reminder that God has a plan for us. It has an uplifting and important message which I think a lot of people could benefit from.
— Chris Vavaro