Electronic producer and vocalist Katie Kramarczuk better known as Hydrah is picking up from where "Return" left off,  "Complete" is the highly anticipated follow-up single off of her upcoming EP titled, "Nostos" out on Nov. 30th.

Extending the theme of Nostos and paying homage to the forces that have catalyzed her artistic creation, "Complete" elucidates on the emotional evolution and revelations of returning to one's roots. "Complete" is filled with beautiful and awe inspiring melodic synths and beats which pair perfectly with Hydrah's delicate vocals.

Choosing to merge two great passions and careers together (as a musical composer and a nature conservationist) "Complete" is a tribute to the community and environments that raise us and are continually crafting our reality, Hydrah explores the organic emotion of discovering one's place in the world and a reconciliation with our soul's true nature.