Two burgeoning artists let their creativity soar on a playful infusion of electronic and R&B that tantalizes and surprises the senses. Both hailing from Chicago, producer Hurley Mower and singer/songwriter Manasseh craft a truly unique sonic experience from start to finish on "Metronome," out today on Lowly Palace. Hurley follows up a successful 2017 including his first release on Lowly Palace "Jungle" which amassed 1.5 million streams and counting. 


Favoring the low end with a sultry bedroom beat, Hurley Mower proves his production prowess on the lush composition. Eschewing genres and traditional song structure, Hurley takes the listener on an unexpected journey into the deeper realms of bass. Manasseh's vocals are cashmere smooth, meandering about the song with lighthearted ease and even dissolving into an organic laugh at an opportune moment. Dialogue in the middle of the track signals an impressive change in tone, and the second half picks up with intriguing intensity.

With a slew of new originals on the pipeline, 2018 is poised to be Hurley Mower's year to ascend to the forefront of the indie electronic scene.

"Manasseh and I just had fun with this song. Its nature embodies the mood we had during the couple of sessions where it was created. Whether it's the giggles, or the dialogue in the middle of the song, or the unconventional form with the tempo change, the idea was to not take ourselves too seriously. We let everything happen naturally, which resulted in a song that enters an unchartered territory." - Hurley Mower


Hurley Mower: