Recording artist GaBso is a well-known and popular singer-songwriter in Israel, performing on stages for over fourteen years. He has made a huge name for himself in a very short time. He reached third place at the first season of“Kochay Nolad (American Idol) contest, winning first place at the Song Festival of Israel, gaining titles such as Discovery of the Year, Singer of the Year, Song of the Year. As well as creating four albums, three of which became ‘gold records’ and eight of his singles hit first place on the radio charts. 

GaBso is back again with an all new EP entitled ‘Made We Wanna Change My Name’, packed with loads of magical music. The five-track EP is loaded with emotional and riveting music showing all talents of what GaBso is made, he is a force to be reckoned with. The EP also includes his leading single ‘All In My Hand’ which an absolute pleaser. 

'Made We Wanna Change My Name' EP Tracklist:

1.      Where I'll Put My Shoes

2.      All In My Hand

3.      Words Words Words Words

4.      Made Me Wanna Change My Name

5.      789


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