The unity of two creates a tenacious entity of one. Two people coming together to form the identity of BONNIE X CLYDE are in the limelight, classifying as one of the top acts in today’s music industry. After a successful year so far, with hits like Where It Hurts, Rise Above, and Worth It as well as signing with Circle Talent Agency combined with the release of their debut EP via Interscope and Insomniac Records, BONNIE X CLYDE is not slowing down their ride. Now just releasing Bass Jam, the duo showcases another banger hit that stands out from the rest. 

With gorgeous vocals from BONNIE blending together with an explosive bass drop that it surely pushes the boundaries of bass music. As one of their most highly anticipated tracks, Bass Jam is destined for nothing short of immense worldwide success. Bass Jam delivers that heart-pounding feeling, making the body dance like no other, declaring it another head-banger track from BXC.