Diynamic's final release of 2017

Hamburg, 1st December 2017

The final Diynamic Music release of 2017 is coming: It's called "Cargo EP" by Dutch-man Tom Zeta.

Although he has only started releasing electronic music in 2016, Tom Zeta is in no way new to it: he studied Composition and Music Technology in Utrecht to build a professional foundation for his music and to find his own sound.

Opening track "Absorption" is a strong melodic Techno track with sudden percussion intermezzos along the way. "Black Owl"'s Techno drums take you on a nightly pursuit through an abandoned metropolis. Closing off the EP is "Rhino", a hypnotic Deep House anthem you won't get out of your ears.

The EP title "Cargo" refers to all the small bits and pieces his tracks loaded from a journey to South Africa, where he recorded all kinds of nature and animal sounds like woodpeckers, frogs, ibis, crickets and many more, so listen closely.

Tracklist digital (out 01.12.2017):
1 Tom Zeta - Absorption (08:10 min.)  
2 Tom Zeta - Black Owl (07:23 min.) 
3 Tom Zeta - Rhino (07:08 min)

Stream/Download "Tom Zeta - Cargo EP" now here: