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Tale Of Us - Endless Remixes LP (Deutsche Grammophon)

Tale Of Us breathe new life into their acclaimed 'Endless' LP on Deutsche Grammophon, enlisting a diverse set of remixers to interpret the compositions. The album’s celestial atmospherics and classical melodies provide rich source material for the eleven remixers, whose contributions range from serene ambience to barrelling techno.

Beginning with Kiasmos’ version of ‘Notte Senza Fine’, the record continues with similarly dreamy and delicate house music from Giegling duo Kettenkarussell and Sebastian Mullaert (of Minilogue fame). Highly-regarded acts Monoloc and Antonio Ruscito provide downbeat electronica and there are icy, beatless reworks of ‘Destino’ and ‘Venatori’ from Raster-Noton luminary Alva Noto and Antigone respectively. Eerie techno comes from Dystopian artist Rødhåd and Scuba under his SCB alias, whilst Somne and Woo York’s remixes are closest to what you might expect to hear in a Tale Of Us DJ set. All in all, ‘Endless Remixes’ lives up to the quality of the original album and takes it in fascinating and effective new directions.


Digital release: 01.12.17 // Vinyl release: February 2018


Vinyl tracklist:

A1 Notte senza fine (Kiasmos Remix)

A2 Dilemma (Sebastian Mullaert Forestation)

B1 Oltre la vita (SCB Introspection) B2 Alla sera (Kettenkarussell’s Triangle Player Rework)

B3 Ricordi (Rødhåd Remix) C1 Definizione dell’impossible (Monoloc Remix)

C2 Distante (Woo York Remix)

C3 Venatori (Antigone Remix)

D1 Quello che resta (Antonio Ruscito Remix)

D2 Destino (Alva Noto Remodel)

D3 Bonus Track: Venatori (Somne Remix)

Digital Tracklist:

1. Definizione dell´impossibile (Monoloc Remix)

2. Alla sera (Kettenkarussell´s Triangle Player Rework)

3. Ricordi (Rødhåd Remix)

4. Oltre la vita (SCB Introspection)

5. Dilemma (Sebastian Mullaert Forestation)

6. Notte senza fine (Kiasmos Remix)

7. Destino (Alva Noto Remodel)

8. Distante (Woo York Remix)

9. Venatori (Antigone Remix)

10. Quello che resta (Antonio Ruscito Remix)

11. Bonus Track: Venatori (Somne Remix)



Endless Remixed includes contributions from Alva Noto, Antigone, Antonio Ruscito, Kettenkarussell, Kiasmos, Monoloc, Rødhåd, SCB (aka Scuba), Sebastian Mullaert, Somne and Woo York.