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Brooklyn based producer/vocalist Ellen O is back with another hit on her hands - this time with her second full blown album titled, 'You/Sonata" on BabyGrande Records. "You/Sonata" is Ellen O's second album following her successful 2014 debut album, "Sparrows and Doves" released on Brooklyn based label Gold Bolus Recordings.  Ellen O has established herself as a multitalented artist unbound by genre in the electronic dance category. Producing her own tracks and lending her delicate soulful vocals to create her emotive electropop/future bass tracks. Ellen O has garnered a mass fan base of over 20,000 monthly Spotify listeners and growing.

Ellen O's much anticipated album second album "You/Sonata" provides an eclectic mix of future bass/chillwave tracks including her successful single "Uneven"  featuring Ellen O's very own delicate vocals mixed with mesmerizing chords and array of synths and as well as her most recent energetic electropop track  "Every day" featuring hip-hop star Smoke DZA which has gotten rave reviews from Vibe Magazine, BBC and HipHop DX among others. "You/Sonata" has an anticipated release date of Friday, November 17th out on BabyGrande Records.   

Ellen O have crafted a diverse but very polished second album. Fusing future bass, pop, electro and soul into relaxing but extremely catchy music. The combination of these elements creates a truly spectacular and memorable album that many more people need to be listening to.

The album opener, THE MARRIAGE PLOT, is an enjoyable future bass song with some electro influences.The musicianship is pretty high on these tracks, the bass is awesome and there's some nice vocals and rhythm thrown into the mix. The chorus is very catchy and really the whole song is loaded with relaxing feelings. 

UNEVEN marks the point to a ridiculously catchy, upbeat music that takes you on a journey. The bass is still there and used to a good effect. As well as a strange electronic sample used in the back ground. A female vocalist has a smooth silky voice which lends itself very well to this relaxed type of music.

EVERY DAY takes the album in a whole different direction. The song starts with a nice beat and some vocals. The bass kicks in after a few seconds and then some spoken words and drums kick in. This song is really quite chilled out. It has a really laid back feel. I really like the melody in this song, they're interesting without taking over the whole song. The song kicks up half a gear about midway through and settles back into its groove nicely.


ABOUT Ellen O:

Originally trained as a classical pianist and composer, she now writes with a vintage MPC and Juno-106, crafting tracks equally inspired by Chicago footwork and dense modernist harmonies.

Ellen O draws from influences of hip hop, and trap beats surrounded by swirling electronics and voices within deep pools of strange chords, and ominous beds of synthesizers. Ellen O's unique blend of pop makes her an unstoppable force in the experimental scene,"says Kristi Shinfuko of Magnetic Magazine. "Another killer tune from ellen o," tweeted Gilles Peterson of BBC radio, when he heard ellen o's most recent single "The Marriage Plot". You/Sonata was mastered by acclaimed producer, Daddy Kev. Her forthcoming album, You/Sonata has an anticipated release date of November 17th, 2017.