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Módl: Virginia's Very Own, 20-year-old Nick O'Neill, better known as Módl, is an undeniable force in EDM that is something to be reckoned with. This future producer takes influences from all over the music industry to weave into his intricate and deep tracks. What two words best describe Módl? Evocative and Soulful. Módl's intimate sound can move from synth-fueled sequences to blissful chimes, all with raw and untapped energy that you can feel in your veins. With his flawless originals and seamless remixes, Módl has proven his talent by accumulating millions of plays online, and gaining support from channels such as, Hegemon, Wonderlust, and Not only has he garnered support musically, but also is the featured track on Express Clothing's latest International commercial marketing. He is now primed for the next chapter of his career as he secured a coveted release on Artist Intelligence Agency's labels, Hegemon and Wonderlust. All signs point towards Módl rapidly arriving into the spotlight of Electronic Dance Music.

Holly: Holly is a rising DJ/producer from Lisbon, Portugal. He's released tracks on Buygore, Dim Mak, Fools Gold, Elysian, Good Enuff, Pantheon, Main Course, Slow Roast Recrods, Division Recordings, Quality Goods, and La Cincia Records. He is definitely a rising artist with a bright future!