Festival Ambassadorships

Earn Free Tickets with StreetTeam


Festival Ambassadorships

Earn Free Tickets with StreetTeam

Earn Free Tickets & Exclusive Rewards To Share With Your Friends With StreetTeam

What better way to experience your favorite festivals than bringing your friends along & sharing the rewards while saving $!

Rewards include free tickets, festival swag, & exclusive experiences at the festival only available thanks to StreetTeam.

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The Ambassador Commitment

Our program is created exclusively for you to share events and rewards within your friendship group and immediate social network. As an ambassador we ask that you only share it with people you know and now with people who you don’t.


●     Create your own closed Facebook events/groups, star chat groups (such as WhatsApp), utilize direct messages and other private forums to discuss our events and make sales

●     Share what you love about the event with your friends and family


●     Tag (@) or hashtag (#) this event's social profiles in any social posts you make about the offers and rewards that are available to you and your friends

●     Tweet, share or publicly discuss the special offers and rewards you or your friends receive. This includes posting about selling tickets on any of the event's official social media pages, posting on line-up artist's pages or on any third party selling sites such as eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree

●     Impersonate official accounts for the event or anything associated with the event. This includes creating fake social media profiles or pages.

We really don't want you to lose your hard earned rewards or have your account suspended, so please follow these guidelines carefully.