Starting his DJ career in many underground parties in Italy, Dr Jer-Z moved back to the US to continue spreading his love for the harder styles of dance music. His energetic sets always keep the crowd moving. Providing those heavy hitting kicks and old school reverse bass, Dr Jer-Z still manages to change a hater's opinion about Hardstyle.

Seth Styles, a Philadelphia based DJ, has been all across PA and MD bringing forth some of the hardest hitting music one could ask for. Seth has a reputation of taking rooms of enlightened entities and making them move to the hardest bass sounds known to our existence. He has done nothing less then provide shows with the most up beat melodies, screams and the harder sides of bass. Styles is one that will sway the crowd to the sound of music that doesn't allow anything but for all who are attending to dance and lose themselves into the night.

These two talented DJs are now teaming up to be known as Sub Protocol, who will do nothing other then unleash the harder side of sub bass that one can only dream for. Welcome to the next age of music.... Subground!